I am proud to announce that I got a chance to be part of the BalCCon2k16 event that will take place in Novi Sad, Serbia between 09.09 and 11.09.2016. There I will conduct a short presentation about open source data integration in general with brief introduction to Talend‘s solution in the area. In addition to that I have prepared a workshop about open source data integration with Talend Open Studio for Data Integration.

A list of resources for the workshop can be found here:

Torrent file for Fedora based Virtual machine

Torrent file for openSUSE based Virtual machine

Torrent file for Ununtu based Virtual machine

All VMs are created with VirtualBox 5.0.26. Every VM contains a brief information on most important credentials in its description field. Additional information is available inside the VMs.

The listed here VMs are intended for those participants who will have enough time to download them. For everyone else, attending the event, who will be joining in the last minute or haven’t had the time to download them, I will be carrying several USB sticks for easier transfer.