About me

My name is Dimitar Zahariev and I love to consider myself a relatively experienced business intelligence/data integration consultant. In general I am passionate about everything IT and especially about OSS. In the past 13 years I have gone all the way from assembling PCs to consultancy.

I currently work as a BI/DI consultant at a local Bulgarian company which is a main provider of solutions based on the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform for customers in finance, insurance, and etc. I also have experience with software by other vendors including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, and Tableau.

From an OSS perspective I am trying to keep up with the latest developments from Talend, Pentaho, Clover, and others. I believe that OSS can provide a reliable alternative to the status quo in various areas of life.

DISCLAIMER: Everything published on this blog is my personal opinion and it is a direct result of laboratory experiments how something is working or is expected to behave under the stated circumstances. I am not expressing opinion of my employer (previous, current, next) or any other vendor/company, except for the cases in which it is clearly stated otherwise. Hence I should not be responsible if the result of applying a described solution differs from what the reader has achieved in test and/or production environment.