Join openSUSE at OpenFest 2017, Sofia


Hey, open culture lovers!

If you are in Sofia area on 4-th and 5-th of November, join us for OpenFest 2017 event. It will take place at Sofia Tech Park. Should you need information how to get there, check here.

At least for us it happens that it is a special event for two reasons.

On first place it is the biggest event in Bulgaria dedicated to open culture. And the second reason is that it is the first anniversary our team of openSUSE enthusiasts.

Usually on every anniversary, people are making a recapitulation of what they did during the year. So if we have to respect the tradition, it was a busy and interesting year. 🙂

After our participation at OpenFest 2016, we managed to be part of several other events and initiatives:
– annual IT Tour Bulgaria for most of their regional events;
– meanwhile we managed to spread the word about openSUSE outside Bulgaria. We took part on Linux Weekend and OSCAL events in Tirana, Albania, and on BalCCon2k17 in Novi Sad, Serbia;

Still wondering should you come or not? Come on, don’t be so shy. Join us for a talk, or take part in our games, and win some cool prizes.

Let’s have fun! See you there! 🙂

openSUSE Launch Party in Sofia on 21st of December


Are you an openSUSE user? Do you want to learn something new about openSUSE? Do you think that the words Linux and Fun go together?

If you answered with “yes” to at least one of the above questions, then join us on the first openSUSE party in Sofia dedicated to the recent version of the distribution – Leap 42.2.

The event will be divided in two parts – the first will be an educational one – we will talk about the past, present, and future of openSUSE. The remaining time will be used for having snacks, drinks, and fun. 🙂

More information and registration form – here.

See you there! 🙂

Organizing openSUSE Launch Party


Hi there, friends of SUSE and openSUSE!

It is our pleasure to announce that the new version of openSUSE Leap 42.2 was released today. You can download it from

Following the course of the events we, being openSUSE enthusiasts, would like to ask you for help. We would like to organize a number of events in Sofia and other cities, known as launch parties, to celebrate the release.

What do we mean by launch party?
Our vision for the particular launch party includes the following two components:
1. educational – presentation about openSUSE – past and present;
2. networking – have a drink, exchange ideas, discuss issues, and etc.;

Participation is free but registration is required. The maximum number of participants will be defined by the chosen venue.

What kind of help do we need?
One of the most important aspects of such an event is finding a suitable venue. Stuff like equipment, logistics and etc. come right after.

If you own a suitable place or have one available, use or simply support SUSE/openSUSE, you have the will and the means, and last but not least you think that it makes sense to support a cause like this, we would like to hear from you! Use any of the following channels:
1. e-mail – write to opensuse_at_zahariev_dot_pro with subject starting with [Leap-42.2];
2. mobile phone – +359 899 605 664 Dimitar Zahariev

Thank you in advance!

Recap of openSUSE’s booth at OpenFest 2016


I would like to make a short recap of our participation in OpenFest 2016 last week.

We are extremely happy with the way we managed to present openSUSE at OpenFest 2016! We had the chance to meet many people and talk about the openSUSE ecosystem. Among the visitors of the booth there were people who were quite new to the Linux world and more precisely to the openSUSE‘s. We were visited by former and current openSUSE users. Last but not least we had the chance to speak with some very experienced SUSE Linux Enterprise Server administrators. We hope that meeting us was as joyful for you as it was for us!

Of course beside the nice conversations, we had a lot of fun, too! We had built an improvised photo booth. There every visitor had the chance to pose for a nice picture with our famous chameleon and then share it with friends and colleagues on social media. Everyone who got 20+ likes received a t-shirt.

We also had many different stickers, flyers, and other interesting goodies.

On the following pictures you can see our team in action 🙂

We already have some ideas on what to add and how to improve the next time we take part in such an event! You’ll be pleasantly surprised, we promise! 🙂

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the next OpenFest event!

Best Regards,
The openSUSE enthusiasts team

openSUSE booth at OpenFest 2016

openSUSE at OpenFest 2016

It is my pleasure to announce that I will present the openSUSE Linux distribution with a dedicated info booth on this year’s OpenFest event which will take place on 5th and 6th of November.

There you can get information on the distribution itself, its past, present and future, as well as some extra insight on what distinguishes it from other distributions.

You’ll also have the opportunity to see it in action on different devices.

Last but not least you’ll be able to exchange ideas with other supporters, get help on issues that you may be facing, and have some fun!

Your hosts will be of course me and my team of openSUSE enthusiasts – Roz, Rose, and Rumbata.

See you there!